KIN 5328’s last full day in London

On KIN 5328’s last full day in London, students were able to leisurely take in the city. Read more about their individual adventures below:

Olivia and I woke up late today and then walked through Hyde Park before stopping for brunch. Then all of us met up and went to Oxford Street for some last minute shopping. I included a picture of the princess Diana memorial fountain, it was very serene. – Samantha Cozine

We took a walk in Hyde Park and Princess Diane’s fountain, along the river. Where we stopped for brunch at a local cafe. After eating we spent time at Oxford street. On the way back we stopped and treated ourselves to tarts for our last day in London. It’s been a wonderful experience traveling abroad and seeing another country and their culture. – Sandra Queen

Today we had a free day because the soccer game got cancelled due to the coronavirus. Instead we all ate brunch at Café Lido. After that we walked through Hyde park to Oxford Street. We ended the night by the Thames River near the London Tower. Pictured below is the Tower Bridge and skyline at sunset. – Abby Tourtillott

Today was our last full day in London and we had a pretty relaxing day! Sammy and I walked through Hyde park past the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. We also met the rest of our class for brunch in Hyde park where I got an awesome breakfast sandwich! We also all walked around Oxford Street, doing a little last minute shopping before we leave tomorrow. – Olivia Ahern

Today we had a free day, so we all slept in a little bit and went out for brunch in Hyde Park. After that we went over to oxford street and I may or may not have spent too much money, but I got a nice pair of shoes. We then ended the night getting dinner and then had a quiet night in the hotel. – Trevor Schneider 

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