KIN 5328 students wrap-up their London Experience

Students enrolled in KIN 5328: International Sport: The Impact of the Olympic Games returned home from the United Kingdom after an exciting trip abroad.

The final day in London included leaving the hotel and flying home. Leaving was an emotional moment because we’ve spent the past 10 days with the same people in the same area. The airport during this time was hectic, but thankfully we all made it back to the U.S. This experience is something I will never forget and friendships that were made that will last far beyond the city of London! – Samantha White 

Our adventure in London had to come to an end today. At 6:15 a.m., we boarded the bus that took us to Heathrow airport. Luckily, airport security was pretty fast. The time waiting to board our flight and on the almost 9-hour flight was spent playing Uno and other card games, looking through photos from the trip, and watching movies. We landed safely at MSP airport around 4 p.m.  – Connor Zamzow

Today was once again another long day. We weren’t sure how many people would try to check in at the same time as us. I ended up not sleeping at all on the plane, but instead watching four movies. I was really sad to leave London and I hope I can go back one day. I’m so thankful for the people I met and the experiences I was able to have.  – Anne Kunkel

Photo by Anne Kunkel

Photo by Anne Kunkel

Anne Kunkel (right) and Samantha White (left)

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