Kinesiology students experience a day of museums in London

KIN 5328 students are pictured here on one of their museum tours.

Thursday in London consisted of a day filled with Museums. Check out the awesome photos taken by our School of Kinesiology students, and read their accounts of what there was to learn and see on their adventures. 

Trevor Schneider touring the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Today we started out at the Museum of London to look at the Olympic torch and cauldron from the 2012 Olympics. After that we went to a local market to get some food. A smaller group of us visited the Shard, which is the tallest building in London. Afterwards we went on a stadium tour of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, which is the site of my favorite English Premier League Team, so I was geeking out a little bit. – Trevor Schneider

We got to see the history of how London came to be during our visit to the Museum of London. My favorite part of the museum was the 2012 Olympic caldron. After that, we ventured across the Millennium Bridge to the Borough Market. I would definitely enjoy going there if I lived there and needed fresh produce. Then we went to the Tate Modern Museum. Pictured below is a model of St. Paul’s cathedral featured in the 1908 world exhibition. – Abby Tourtillott

Our March 12 day included visits to two different museums, the Museum of London which included some pieces from the 2012 Olympics and the Tate modern museum. For lunch we got to walk around the Borough Market, which had a ton of amazing food stands. I included a picture from the history museum that included Dorando in the timeline. – Samantha Cozine

We had a busy day exploring the Museum of London and the Tate Modern Museum as well as the Borough Markets for lunch! I really enjoyed the Museum of London because it dove into the history of London dating back to its establishment. It also had the caldron from the 2012 Olympics which was very amazing to see. The Tate Modern Museum had so many cool pieces of art, consisting of works done by Dalí, Picasso, Monet, and many more. This picture of the bookshelf was one of the pieces we looked at today, and on the colorful books were the names of people who made significant contributions to English culture! – Olivia Ahern

We spent time at the Museum of London and it was intriguing to see how London has changed from the beginning to modern time. We were able to see the 2012 torch and cauldron. Afterwards we walked through the Borough market and I really enjoyed seeing several cultures come together into one place. After having lunch at the market we had a tour at Tate Modern and saw artwork by famous artists such as Claude Monet. – Sandra Queen

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