Next up: Buckingham Palace and the Wembley Stadium

KIN 5328 students had a day full of history – experiencing the Horse Guards Parade and then Wembley Stadium. Read their thoughts, and scroll through their photos below!

Guards on horses in front of Buckingham Palace
Anne Kunkel captured this moment in front of Buckingham Palace.

Today we began our adventure at Horse Guards Parade, this was the location of the 2012 Beach Volleyball competition. We got to see the exchanging of the guard and then walked through St. James Park to get to Buckingham Palace. From there, we took the tube to Wembley Stadium in which we got a tour. We were among the first two hundred people to see the newly redone locker rooms – we saw them before the team did themselves! Abby and I then spent the evening at Prince Edward Theatre and saw Mary Poppins which was amazing! – Connor Zamzow

Today our group went to a parade that was about the changing of the guards outside the palace. It was very cool to see all of the guards on horses and the band, but I guess I was expecting more to happen. I then got very excited when I found out the queen was inside the palace when we were all outside. Then we took the tube to Wembley stadium where we were given a tour of the whole complex. We got to sit in the royal box, see the interview room, go into the changing rooms, and so much more! – Anne Kunkel

We went to Buckingham Palace as well as Wembley Stadium where some 1948 Olympic Game events were held. The ending of the marathon was one of the major events at Wembley. While we were there, we were able to learn a little about the history of the stadium as well as see the torch from the Games. – Samantha White

Today we walked around the area that hosted the beach volleyball tournament at the 2012 Olympics. We also toured Wembley stadium, which has a lot deeper history than I previously thought, both involving the olympics and soccer. The stadium had a lot of cool features that are unique to it, and the surrounding neighborhood was well constructed.  – Brandon Schuchard

Today we were able to experience the Horse Guard Parade and a tour of Wembley Stadium. The parade was interesting and gave us a glimpse of the history in the area. The Wembley Stadium is an amazing establishment that I want to visit again in the future. Extremely productive day. – Cole Anderson

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