Kinesiology students visit Wimbledon

Photo of Wimbledon by Trevor Schneider.

KIN 5328 students had another successful day in London, this time visiting historic Olympic Game sites and Wimbledon! Check out what they learned:

Today we visited Shepherd’s Bush, the city of the 1908 London Olympics site. We learned about the history of the city and the impact the Olympics had on the city. We then ventured to Wimbledon. I had a great time touring the park. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and had a great mustache. Fun fact: the tennis courts have about 54 million blades of grass! Pictured below is a gold medal from the 1908 London Olympics and remembrance plaques from the 1908 London Olympics. – Abby Tourtillott

Today we traveled into Shepherd’s Bush to view the location of the 1908 Olympics. Even though the stadium is no longer there, there was a big memorial plaque to remember the Olympics and all the events and winners in 1908. Also, we were lucky enough to tour Wimbledon, which was a part of the 1908 and 2012 Olympic Games! This was such a fun experience and it was amazing to learn about the process they use to care for and maintain the grass fields! – Olivia Ahern

We started with a tour of Shepherd’s Bush, it was interesting to see how things changed and improved over time. Afterwards we went through a tour of Wimbledon, it was interesting to see somewhere that has been open and stayed tennis since. – Sandra Queen 

Today we visited the site of the 1908 olympics and Wimbledon. There isn’t much remaining in the white city areas but I liked the historic pieces like the medal list and the finish line. Afterwards we went to the pub around the corner for food and to watch the Tottenham spurs match. – Samantha Cozine

Today we went to Shepherd’s Bush, which was the site of the 1908 Olympics. We got a tour of the area and were able to see a lot of cool things like where the finish line was during those games. We were also able to go to Wimbledon, where we got a very cool tour and were able to see a ton of behind the scenes stuff that not a lot of people see. It was really cool to see centre court, but I hope that I’ll be able to make it there at some point to see a match. – Trevor Schneider

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