KIN 5328 students have a royal experience

On their fourth day abroad, KIN 5238 students had a busy day. After waking up early, the day consisted of visiting a new city and a castle tour. Read more about the highlights of the day below:

Student view of Windsor Castle

Today, we took the train to Windsor and toured the castle where different royal events happen. It is also where the marathon started during the Olympic Games. Walking around Windsor illuminated a feeling like the city hasn’t changed much during the years. – Samantha White

On our fourth day, we took a train to Windsor Castle, home of the start of the 1908 Marathon as well as the location for the 1948 cycling event. We did an audio tour of the State Apartments but couldn’t continue on to the Chapel due to another event going on there. From there, we got to explore the city of Windsor which was filled with many shops and restaurants. The evening was spent at Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus doing more shopping. – Connor Zamzow 

Today involved lots and lots of walking. We took the train to the town of Windsor to visit the castle. I was hoping I would run into Meghan and Harry, but we did not. We got to listen to a self guided tour of the castle which allowed me to find out more information than if I walked around it myself. We then walked around the town of Windsor and did some shopping. Found out the TKMaxx was a thing which is super exciting. I got a few things there just because why not?! We then took the train back to London and as a group decided to do some shopping at Oxford street. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy anymore clothes at these places. However, I tried on a two piece like green jacket which was pretty interesting to say the least. Excited for tomorrow!! – Anne Kunkel

London day four started really early, but was extremely interesting. We traveled to the city of Windsor to tour Windsor Castle and learn about the rich history of the place. We also went to the West End and enjoyed the sights and energy of the area. Overall it was a great day. – Cole Anderson
Today we went to Windsor castle and got to see all of the paintings and other artifacts, as well as the beautiful landscape that surrounds the castle. We traveled there on train which was a somewhat new experience. After touring the castle we had lunch and walked around the town for a couple of hours before riding the train home. After getting back to London we went shopping on Oxford Street. – Brandon Schuchard

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