Meet our Visiting Scholar: Yu Xu

Our School has a rich tradition of hosting academics from all over the world to study and pursue research at the U of M, working with faculty and their students on particular projects or in their labs. We are pleased to introduce Yu Xu, who will work with Dr. Thomas Stoffregen in the Affordance Perception-Action Laboratory.

Yu Xu, researcher in the Affordance Perception-Action Laboratory (APAL), moved to Minnesota from Xi’an, China in Shaanxi Province. In 2014, Xu obtained his master’s degree in vehicle engineering and automobile education at Chang’an University. Currently, Yu Xu is a PhD candidate in vehicle operation engineering at Chang’an University. Xu’s research areas lie in transportation safety and human factors, which prompted his interest in discovering the connection between transportation and affordance-perception through APAL. While taking notes from Dr. Stoffregen, Xu is excited to begin specific research projects related to the lab and his own educational background.

“Each APAL member has different strengths, therefore there are endless possibilities as to what we can do together,” says Xu.

Coming from a family of seven, Xu understands what it means to collaborate. Although it is his first time in the United States, Xu is excited about upcoming research opportunities and learning from Dr. Stoffregen in the School of Kinesiology. When asked about his favorite food, Xu spoke about the delicious pizza parlor Dr. Stoffregen introduced him to. In his free time, Xu enjoys sight-seeing around the city, and visiting the museums and nature reserves in the Twin Cities. In Xu’s opinion, the historical nature of the U of M, as well as the rigorous and diverse academic areas are unique and exciting. “The campus, especially along the Mississippi River, is beautiful. The people are so friendly, and I am very thankful to be here.”

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