KinKudos to our 2019-20 scholarship recipients

Each year, students from the School of Kinesiology are awarded prestigious scholarships to pursue a myriad of academic or research areas. Meet our scholarship recipients of 2019 – 2020—Congratulations, students!


Callie Abers

Callie Albers, a third-year undergraduate honors student, was awarded the Frances Kidd Endowed Scholarship. This spring, she will graduate with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Health and Wellness Promotion, and then apply to several doctorate of physical therapy (DPT) programs for the Fall of 2020. Albers plans to use her scholarship to reach her goal of obtaining a dual degree, a DPT and PhD.



Abe Anderson

Abe Anderson is a senior pursuing a degree in Recreation Administration with a minor in Outdoor Recreation and Education. Anderson will use the Jason David Schleien Memorial Scholarship to aid in the completion of his summer internship at Wilderness Inquiry—the final requirement to complete a Recreation Administration Bachelor of Science degree.




Mckenzie Arbeiter

McKenzie Arbeiter is a master’s student with a focus in sport psychology. Prior to studying at the School of Kinesiology, Arbeiter graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology from the U of M. She will use the Tucker Center Graduate Fellowship for Gender Equity in Sport to support research travel to two sport psychology conferences this year.




Courtney Boucher

Courtney Boucher, a graduate student with an emphasis in sport sociology, received the Pam Borton Endowment for the Promotion of Girls and Women in Sport Leadership. This fall, Boucher will pursue a doctorate degree at the U of M as well as instruct at the School as a teaching assistant. Boucher will use the award funds for academic pursuits and research expenses.




Sarah Espinoza

Sarah Espinoza, PhD candidate in sport and exercise psychology, was awarded the Dorothy McNeill Tucker Fellowship from the Tucker Center. In addition to coaching Girls on the Run, Espinoza is a teaching assistant in the School. She plans to devote her funding to research tools for physical and cognitive assessment and for traveling to conferences.

“I am incredibly excited to begin this work and share my findings with our School, the university, and major professional organizations.”



Samuel Helgeson

Samuel Helgeson is a junior earning a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology, with the hopes of attending graduate school for physical therapy. Helgeson received the Frances Kidd Endowed Scholarship and will use the awarded funds to finance his undergraduate degree.




Isabel Marbaker

Isabel Marbaker is a third-year student majoring in kinesiology, with a double minor in coaching and neuroscience. She was awarded the School of Kinesiology Scholarship and intends to allocate that funding to tuition expenses throughout her doctorate of physical therapy program.

“This scholarship will enable me to maximize my college experience by offsetting tuition increases and allowing me to prioritize experiences that add meaning and value to my Kinesiology degree.”



Michaela Martinez

Michaela Martinez, a graduate student with a focus in exercise physiology, received the Roger W. and Ann T. Drinkwalter Fellowship for Nutrition Research. Martinez will use the scholarship to complete her master’s degree and uncover novel targets to improve health outcomes, long-term care and survival of pediatric patients.




Grace Moehn

Grace Moehn, a junior studying Recreation Administration, was awarded the Edith Mueller Park & Recreation Memorial Award. Additionally, Moehn serves as a Leader for Young Life College. Moehn intends to devote the scholarship funding to her undergraduate degree, and then seek a career in recreation in communities through municipal parks and recreation.




Erica Roelofs

Erica Roelofs is a doctoral student with an emphasis in exercise physiology, and a research and teaching assistant at the School of Kinesiology. Roelofs was awarded the Roger W. and Ann T. Drinkwalter Fellowship for Nutrition Research to fund her educational advancement at the University of Minnesota.


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