Student Research Highlight Reel 🎥

This semester, our students did research on a multitude of topics in kinesiology, and presented their work at events like the 2018 Kinesiology Research Day, the Three-Minute Thesis Competition held at the CEHD Research Day, and the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

—Undergraduate Research Symposium—

Our undergraduate students presented their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium held April 20 in Northrop, along with undergrad students from across the University. Elisheva Savvateev, one of our UROP students, got her first research poster printed for the Symposium, titled “Does the Driver-Passenger Effect Exist in Head Mounted Virtual Reality?“. Honors student Michelle Caputi also presented at the event. The title of Michelle’s poster is “Using a Video-Training Intervention to Influence Self-Efficacy Perceptions of Division III Tennis Players.”

—Three-Minute Thesis Competition—

This year, our students excelled at the Three-Minute Thesis Competition held at this year’s CEHD Research Day in March. Anna Baeth placed second with her research presentation titled “An Analysis of Women Coaches with Career Longevity in NCAA Division I Sport”, and Madeleine Orr was a Top 6 Finalist in the 3MT® Regional Championships. Watch their presentations in our 3MT® video playlist.

—Kinesiology Research Day—

The 2018 Kinesiology Research Day showcased the projects or involvement of 58 members of the School of Kinesiology and included four paper presentations, 21 poster presentations, and seven lab talks. Click here for all presenters and titles.

“Kin Research Day is a fabulous celebration of all the work happening in Kinesiology, and a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity of research in our School,” says Madeleine Orr, co-chair of the Kinesiology Student Council. “We had a lot of fun putting it together and were very pleased with the turnout and energy at the event!”

Posters from 2018 Kinesiology Research Day:

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