Loom’s screen recording is a great addition to your Google Chrome Toolbox

A new semester often inspires a new set of goals and innovative ideas for making your time more productive and efficient. For this All Things Considered blog, we are always looking for a tech app or Chrome add-on that will save time or enhance your creativity. Here’s one that does both: Loom, a free video and screen recording technology.

Loom is a Chrome add-on that allows users to take screen recordings and camera recordings with a simple click of a button, all within the Chrome browser. This straightforward tool is a jack of all trades: it can be used in education, information technology, leadership, consulting,  marketing and sales, and for personal uses. It’s a fast new way to share ideas and information in literally seconds, allowing you to have face-to-face conversations and bring more efficient and effective communication into your tech life.

Here at the School of Kinesiology, we are excited to use this new tool for ad-hoc messages, how-to’s, email replies, group projects, team collaborations, and staying connected with colleagues when we are out of the office. Add Loom to your Chrome toolbox and check out how it can work for you.



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