Meet Our Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Katie Koopmeiners (REC, SMGT, and Coaching)

We’re pleased to welcome Katie Koopmeiners, Kinesiology’s new Undergraduate Academic Adviser, who came to us in March from CLA. She brings us impressive skills and experience, a desire to help students succeed, and a highly unusual talent. Read all the way to the bottom….

How long have you worked for the U of M?  
8½ years.

What is your work/educational background?  
I have a BA in Political Science from the College of St. Benedict and an MEd in Student Development from Seattle University. After earning my Master’s degree, I worked as an adviser in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) prior to coming to the School of Kinesiology.  

What are your responsibilities in your current position?
I am the departmental advisor for the Sport Management and Recreation Administration majors. I also advise students in the Sport Management, Outdoor Recreation Education, and Coaching minors.

What do you like best about working here?  
The people! The faculty and staff have been so warm and welcoming—I love coming into work every day! The students are awesome too—I am so impressed with the accomplishments of many of our students and can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

What things provide you the most satisfaction in your job?  
Helping students meet their professional and personal goals! I love it when a student has an experience they weren’t expecting and it opens their eyes to new possibilities that they hadn’t considered before.

My life with boys. 🙂

Tell us about you!

  • Family members: I’ve been married to my husband Joe for 13 years (he is a biostatistics professor in the School of Public Health). We have 3 boys: Nick (6), Nathan (4), and Noah (7 months).
  • Hobbies: Yoga, playing piano, reading, reality TV (don’t judge…), and of course spending time with my three little ones
  • Favorite whatever and why: (website, social media site, restaurant, place to relax, travel, hero/heroine, quote, book, movie, TV show, pet, museum…): 
    • Favorite places to eat on campus: Punch Pizza, Bruegger’s, and Potbelly
    • Favorite store: Target (what CAN’T you get at Target??)
    • Favorite yoga position: Child’s pose
    • Favorite book: The Anne of Green Gables series (a childhood favorite!)
    • Favorite book to read to my kids: The Book With No Pictures

How I’d change the world:
Pay teachers more (especially the teachers of my boys—I think they will need it!).

Please share a parting thought:
A fun fact about myself is that I can say the alphabet faster backward than forward.

Katie citing alphabet backward



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