Meet Our Administrative Director: Bob Janoski

Bob Janoski, Kinesiology’s Administrative Director, is new to the School but not to the U of M. As you’ll learn from his story, he spent his entire career here, starting as a student. When he took early retirement a few years ago, he thought he had left the campus for good.  But there’s something about this University that drew him back, and we’re fortunate to have him here. As he says, “It already feels like home.”

How long have you worked for the U of M?

The School of Kinesiology Administrative Director role is an exciting, new third chapter in my University of Minnesota career following 30 years of previous service to our community.

My first chapter began in 1984 and spanned twenty years with the Department of Police. I began as a student intern and advanced to the position of Program Director, gradually gaining valuable business, management, and leadership experience throughout that period.  I oversaw civilian information technology, human resources, finance, records, emergency communications, and student employee work units. In 2003, I was asked to serve as the Interim Director of both Central Security and Emergency Management while their respective search processes were underway.

My second chapter began in 2004, when I accepted a new position as Director of Central Security with responsibility for all university physical and electronic security installations.  Throughout a ten-year period, my team and I developed an award-winning service approach for our customers and partners, as well as provided security consultation services and project funding statewide. In 2013, I was once again asked to serve as the Interim Director of Emergency Management while their search process was underway.

Following a large-scale reorganization within University Services, I accepted an early retirement package in 2014.

What is your work/educational background?

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1986.  My areas of interest included construction and project management.  Early career assignments with the Department of Police included security plan reviews for both new construction and renovation projects. I worked closely with University planners and architects.  With the Department of Central Security, I managed well over $20 million in security improvement projects throughout our twin cities and coordinate campuses, research outreach centers, and experiment stations.

What are your responsibilities in your current position?

My current responsibilities include overseeing the strategic, operational, human resources, financial, and curricular needs in the School of Kinesiology. I’m fortunate to be joining an experienced, high-performing team.

What do you like best about working here?

I knew in my heart that, someday, I would return to the University of Minnesota. My past positions allowed me to help protect students, staff, faculty, and visitors, as well as the physical assets of the university. As a father of three University students, I understood that responsibility very well. My new position provides a wonderful opportunity to directly serve and support the academic mission of the university. The teaching, learning, and research environment here in the School of Kinesiology is second to none.

What things provide you the most satisfaction in your job?

Building relationships and collaborating with my colleagues provides me with a great deal of  job satisfaction. Empowering my team members, supporting their efforts, and recognizing their accomplishments is even more rewarding from my perspective. I’m fortunate to be working with such a talented group.

Tell us about you!

Family members: My parents, Bob and Carol, are both nearly 80 years old and have been married for over 55 years. They live on a farm in central Minnesota. I spent some of my “short-lived retirement” time updating their 130-year-old home to make it more comfortable for my parents as they grow older.

As a proud father, I often share that my three children have grown into wonderful adults. They truly are my greatest accomplishment. Jessica graduated with a degree in journalism. She is 29 and currently working as a photographer in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Lauren graduated with a degree in design. She is 26 and manages a clothing store in Bloomington. Pete left the University to become an electrician. He is 24 and is currently working on improvements at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

I have one grandson, Cove, who is 3 years old and my favorite little super hero.



My fiancé, Susan, is a long-time University of Minnesota employee. She has nearly twenty years of experience working for the Carlson School of Management and the Office of Internal Audit. Susan earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology here.

Hobbies: I’ve played on and coached amateur baseball teams since I was in college, pitching and catching well into my 50’s. During the past twenty years, I managed my teams to six division titles and two league championships.  Earlier this year, I was inducted into the Twin Cities Men’s Amateur Baseball League Hall of Fame. I was both honored and humbled with many of my past teammates, along with their families, present to celebrate.






Favorite movies and why:

    • For Love of the Game (my friends say that I lived it)
    • Casablanca (a classic romantic drama)
    • Forrest Gump (life seldom follows a script)
    • Wizard of Oz (there’s no place like home)
    • The Wolfman (my first monster movie)

I’m passionate about these five core values:

    • doing the right thing,
    • being humble and helpful,
    • going above and beyond,
    • demonstrating a sense of urgency, and
    • putting university, college, and school needs before my own.

I feel like I’m pretty good at:  I’m a collaborator and a problem solver at heart, so being a good listener is important to me and one of my best traits.

Please share a parting thought.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to return to the University. I sincerely appreciate how welcoming everyone has been and I’m looking forward to serving the School of Kinesiology. When my family and friends ask about my new role, I just smile and share with them  that “it already feels like home.”


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