Kickstart Mini Workshop: No Pain, All Gain Grading

Gradebook is one of the most loved and most hated tools in Course Management Systems, most people “love to hate it,” but…

“… It’s all about configuration,” says Lyn DeLorme, instructional designer in the College of Education and Human Development.

Using (Moodle) gradebook provides important advantages for students and instructors:

  1. Saving time and effort
    Properly set up, it supports almost all instructor’s grading schemes. Gradebook does the math for the instructor if it is used in an integrated way, supporting assignments, quizzes, attendance, and more. A big payoff at the end of the semester is that it only takes a submit button to export all student grades into PeopleSoft. Again, proper set up is the key!
  2. Communication with students
    Students always know how they are doing! Students are expecting to see how they are doing in assignments, quizzes, etc., at any given time during the semester so that they can keep track of their performance. Again, setting up Student View in gradebook is key!
  3. Enterprise system
    (Moodle) gradebook is backed up, secure and accessible from everywhere and from any device at any time.

It is highly recommended to use expert consultation when using the gradebook. Our IT fellow, Arash Mahnan is your first point of contact. Support for complex setups is available. Read more in Lyn’s handout about best practices and useful links.

Here are three useful, short video clips about Moodle gradebook from Lyn’s YouTube video postcard channel.


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