Kickstart Mini Workshop: How to actively engage all students

kickstart-mini-workshop-with-borderAt February’s School of Kinesiology “Kickstart Mini Workshop”, Deb Wingert, Ph.D., shared valuable tips for actively engaging all students. 

Deb Wingert, Ph.D.from the Center for Educational Innovation at the University of Minnesota, is an expert when it comes to active learning. She serves as the coordinator for the Early Career Teaching Program and teaches in the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program.

At the center of her presentation was the “bookend format” graph. This teaching model calls for a “good beginning,” lecture chunks of 10-12 minutes alternating with a 3-4 minute engaging processing activity, and a summary at the end of every classroom session. This model applies to a small or large student body as well as to shorter and multiple hours-long classroom time. Dr. Wingert suggests arriving early for lectures, engaging with students in casual conversations, and maybe setting the tone of a lecture by playing music while students arrive. She also recommended reflecting all four learning style quadrants in activities to engage ALL students.

This workshop was awesome! Every graduate assistant who starts teaching should get this information. 

– Nicole LaVoi, workshop participant

Dr. Wingert’s presentation was packed with examples and tips that can be incorporated immediately. Instructors are welcomed to schedule one-to-one meetings on lesson plans or to contact her for teaching and learning related questions []. Below you will find her presentation and resources, as well as a recording of her presentation.


Engaging All Students HANDOUT2017

Great Links to Online Strategies

Great Links to Online Strategies

Great links to Active Learning Strategies

Great links to Active Learning Strategies

Bloom's TaxonomyNEW

Bloom’s Taxonomy NEW


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