Did you know? Flashcards for your phone

Flashcards have been a staple of classroom study tools for generations of students, and as the world transitions from paper to digital, it is no surprise that the way students use flashcards today follows that trend.

Students are busy, and being able to study flashcards on the go is one of the many time-saving benefits of mobile technology. However, many teachers are still unaware of how they can use this technology to bring their classes together and engage their students.

Make studying a game
Tinycards, one of the newer flashcard apps for iPhone and iPad created by Duolingo, promises to make rote memorization fun. It offers features such as a stream of trending flashcard decks and a fun, game-like graphic interface. StudyBlue, Cram and Quizlet, just three of the top online learning companies, offer multiple different study modes, and can even turn the flashcard decks into games for the whole class. The team-based game Quizlet Live puts students into randomized groups which race to match all the terms and definitions.

Create flashcards for the whole class
StudyBlue and Quizlet advertise directly to educators, offering classroom versions that teachers can use to tailor and distribute course-specific flashcards. With their integration with Google Drive and ability to import and export decks, they could be a great addition to a Moodle site, getting students to better engage in their learning. Online flashcard tools also let students create their own decks and share them with others, often for free.

Track student progress
One of Quizlet’s most impressive features is the ability to check class studying stats, such as who studied what and when. Teachers can also see which terms or concepts their students are struggling with, allowing for a more targeted approach in class.

Mobile flashcards are a great tool for helping students with busy schedules find the time to study. With the multitude of apps and options available, it’s possible to find one that fits each student’s needs. So recycle the old used paper flashcards that you know you’ll never use- and upgrade to the digital version! Check out a comparison of some flashcard tools currently on the market below.

Below a short demo of TinyCards “studying” the School of Kinesiology support staff with Tinycards. You can follow the School of Kinesiology on Tinycards on your iPhone or iPad to learn more about our staff! Also check out this blog post about other digital flashcard resources for students.



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