KINhelp: Our current administrative interns

KINhelp is the School of Kinesiology’s administrative support team. In January, three highly committed students joined to help with tasks like data entry, general administrative duties, event support, campus pickups and deliveries, office tools, and more. Requests can be submitted by filling out the KINhelp request formsending an email to, or simply calling 612-624-9808. These three students can be found at the welcome desk in Cooke Hall 111  (see KINhelp calendar for availability).

Emily Groshens

Junior in Kinesiology

This is a photo of me from my internship in Ecuador [click photo for the entire image]. Some things about me: I love to sing and was in choir and show choir for seven years. My favorite place to be is on a boat in the sunshine. Other hobbies include working out, exploring Minneapolis, drinking coffee, and being with friends and family.


Emma Ahmedic

Junior in Actuarial Science
[Actuarial Science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions.]

– I love to travel, and I hope to one day have explored a majority of every continent.
– I like to run outside, hike and swim.
– My family is originally from Bosnia.


Mingming Liu

Junior in Economics

I love fruits, all kinds. I do well in sports. I am usually the faster one in short-distance running and I play well in ball games, tennis, badminton … I think I should have some practice before I say that, because it has been a long time since I did these sports, and I am not so good at it as before. I usually don’t play computer games, except one—the League of Legends. I like to stay at home to watch TV or movies, reading novels, playing that computer game, but I also like meeting friends and will go anywhere with them. I am just a girl of great contradiction. Well, I think that’s fine—this is me.


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