Kickstart Mini Workshop: (K)Inbox Zero

kickstart-mini-workshop-with-borderAnother School of Kinesiology “Kickstart Mini Workshop” introduced the amazing Inbox Zero method 

After discussing concepts including Google Mail labels, filters, and labs, our very own Jonathan Sweet walked participants step-by-step through the setup of Gmail using a new approach to organizing inboxes. The method to achieve an empty inbox on an ongoing basis uses the Multiple Inbox lab coupled with the familiar stars. … And then there comes the scary moment of selecting all emails in your inbox and sending them to Archive, for which you will be rewarded with your first empty inbox ever!


If you want to make this happen, follow the directions from blog poster Andreas Klinger’s method in his article “Don’t drown in email! How to use Gmail more efficiently.”

Here are a few extra settings useful for the method:

  • Turn on and familiarize yourself with and above all use keyboard shortcuts! (press “shift-?”)
  • Gmail settings: Labs: Auto-advance option on
  • Gmail settings: Labs: Conversations On (optional, but tres useful)
  • Gmail settings: Labs: Preview Pane option on

Interested in more amazement? Here are more recommended settings, tools, & tips:

  1. Gmail settings: Labs: Quote Selected option on
  2. Gmail settings: Labs: Unread Message Icon option on
  3. Gmail settings: Labs: Use “Enable Undo Send” lab and set to 30 sec
  4. Gmail settings: Labs: Pictures in Chat
  5. Boomerang for scheduling emails (free version is up to 10/mo) [Chrome extension]
  6. Google InBox email & app (esp. Reminders) [use a tab in your browser]
  7. Google Keep to easily store any email, or webpage, or information [use a tab in your browser]
  8. GMass to merge a list of up to 50 email addresses with a single template email message [Chrome extension]

Last but not least: The Gmail Game and the “T(k)ill method” – select all, move to trash – are not recommended.

#inboxZero: Gonna start the week off right… We’ll see how I cope with a Monday filled with mail. Huge thanks to you both!!! [Inbox Zero and Boomerang]

– Tricia Davies

Plan ahead and join the upcoming workshops (in person or via WebEx online)

Feb 28 – How to actively engage all students: Small and large classrooms!
Mar 31 – How to use Moodle gradebook: No Pain, All Gain Grading


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