Meet Our Visiting Scholars: Dagmar Timmann

Our School has a rich tradition of hosting academics from all over the world to study and pursue research at the U of M, working with faculty and their students on particular projects or in their labs. We are pleased to introduce Dagmar Timmann, M.D., from the University Clinic Essen, Department of Neurology, Germany who is working with Dr. Jürgen Konczak during the 2016-17 school year.

timmann-1-von-4-copyWhere is your home and what is your hometown?
My home is in Germany. My hometown is Essen, one of many cities in the Ruhr valley.

What is your educational background?
I am a Medical Doctor and a trained Neurologist. I am a Clinical Neuroscientist.

What is your field of study/research interests?
I am interested in the physiology and pathophysiology of the cerebellum in humans. In particular, I am interested in how the cerebellum contributes to motor learning. I study patients with different kinds of cerebellar disease, in particular ataxias. Structural and functional brain imaging is used to understand the contribution of specific cerebellar regions to motor learning.

What projects/interests would you like to explore while here at the U? Can you give an example of how you are working with your sponsoring faculty member on the project or projects?
I am working together with Professor Juergen Konczak on a joint project funded by the German Research Association (DFG). In this study, we are investigating the benefit of proprioceptive training in patients with cerebellar ataxias. During my stay in Minneapolis, we will analyze datasets recently acquired in ataxia patients in Essen. In addition, we will plan future experiments examining proprioceptive function in cerebellar patients and very preterm children.

Do you see opportunities to work with other faculty on your research studies while you are at the U of M?
I am looking forward to attending lectures and seminars at the Department of Neuroscience.

What prompted you to pursue coming to Minnesota and studying here?
My stay is the continuation of a longstanding collaboration with Professor Juergen Konczak. And I love the Twin Cities.

Do you have family back home? If so, can you tell us a bit about them?
My daughter is accompanying me. She attends 10th grade in Southwest High School. My husband is in Germany. He will visit us during his holidays.

What kinds of activities do you like doing here in your spare time?
I am looking forward to exploring the coffee shops in Fulton and Linden Hills.

What do you miss most about being away from home?
I am very happy to be on sabbatical leave and enjoying the Twin Cities. There is not much I am missing right now.

How would you describe the U of M/Twin Cities to a friend from home who was thinking of coming here?
The University of Minnesota is an excellent university with very many opportunities. The U of M is very strong in the field of Neuroscience. The Twin Cities are very pleasant and green cities with very many beautiful and most livable neighborhoods. Both the University and the Twin Cities are very open and liberal-minded parts of the United States. Most enjoyable to work and live!


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