Meet Our Visiting Scholars: Zinat Zarandi

Our School has a rich tradition of hosting academics from all over the world to study and pursue research at the U of M, working with faculty and their students on particular projects or in their labs. We are pleased to introduce Zinat Zarandi, who is working with Dr. Jürgen Konczak during the 2016-17 school year.

photo_2016-10-17_23-56-14Where is your home and what is your hometown?
I am from Iran, in Mashhad. My neighborhood is Piroozi in Mashhad.

What is your educational background?
Candidate Doctorate in Corrective Exercise at Kharazmi University (Tehran).  Overall GPA: 18.50/20
Master of Science in Pathology and Corrective Exercise from University of Guilan (graduating in February 2013). Overall GPA: 17.38/20
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from University of Isfahan (graduating in July 2010).  Overall GPA: 17.51/20

What is your field of study/research interests?
My research interests are: Motor control, pediatrics, sensory integration, motor development, corrective exercise, balance training.

Do you see opportunities to work with other faculty on your research studies while you are at the U of M?
I attended Professor Wade’s class on motor development and learned much beneficial information for my research.

What prompted you to pursue coming to Minnesota and studying here?
I was interested in research which is being done in the Human Sensorimotor Control Lab, especially research in pediatrics.
I am also learning new ways of analyzing data and learning new techniques. I am learning how to face language barriers in the process of studying. I am also communicating with other foreign scholars while I am studying here.

Do you have family back home? If so, can you tell us a bit about them?
At the present time my parents have been together over 30 years. My dad is 55 years old and he is an accountant. He is a hardworking man, which has always been the pattern of my life. My mom is 51 and she is a housewife. She is kind and has all the things a mom should have.

What other places, if any, have you traveled to in the U.S. since being here?
I have not been anywhere in the US since I came to Minneapolis.

What is the best food experience you’ve had since being in the United States? Your least favorite?
I’ve tasted different kinds of food but I prefer steak.

What kinds of activities do you like doing here in your spare time?
Actually as I am a newcomer here, I do not know that much. But I’d like to join a sport club at the University. In addition, I’d like to make some new friends.

What do you miss most about being away from home?
I miss my family, especially my mom, my friends, and travels with my friend.

How would you describe the U of M/Twin Cities to a friend from home who was thinking of coming here?
I really feel the differences here compared with my hometown universities–the masters, the facilities, the people, so I would really recommend that a friend would take the opportunity to come here, if they have the chance.


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