Kickstart Mini Workshop: How to easily record course content

kickstart-mini-workshop-with-borderThe November School of Kinesiology “Kickstart Mini Workshop” focused on instant and easy ways to create video recordings of course content.

Treden Wagoner, CHED instructional designer, presented general tips for video recordings and methods for instructors to:

  • record narrated lecture slides;
  • create a webcam or “talking head” video; or
  • screen-record demonstrations or instructions.

Treden explained in detail slide-by-slide VoiceThread recordings, Kaltura use and video sharing, and the new screen recording option in your YouTube channel. The integration of VoiceThread and Kaltura into Moodle allows instructors to create interactive assignments. Finally, the pros and cons of these tools and ways of sharing and embedding video clips were discussed.

For more detail, watch the entire recording and see Treden’s outline, which also contains links to helpful resources.

Important: If you would like to test your own equipment or borrow high-quality equipment for recording, please send email to or talk to Arash, Jonathan or Silke. We would also like to support you hosting of WebEx meetings.

Plan ahead and join the upcoming workshops (in person or via WebEx online)

Dec 6 – How to work collaboratively: Using Google Docs and beyond
Jan 27 – How to engage students in the classroom: Active learning classroom techniques (e.g., Qualtrics, wordcloud, or Moodle online assessment)
Feb 28 – How to use Moodle gradebook: Zero time, zero effort grading!
Apr 11 – Inbox Zero: Seriously, it works!



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