Kickstart Mini Workshop: The CEHD Moodle Template

kickstart-mini-workshop-with-borderThe first School of Kinesiology’s Kickstart Mini Workshop was held on October 11, 2016.

Melissa Falldin, CEHD instructional designer, presented The CEHD Moodle Template – Making An Instructor’s Life Easier and Your Students Happier! “. Melissa explained the rationale behind the CEHD Moodle template and the benefits for students and faculty to build a course based on this template’s elements. Immediately participants applied two-column setup and other recommendations to their own Moodle courses.

To apply the template to an existing Moodle course, see the CEHD Moodle Template Quickstart Guide  or follow these steps:

Participant Eydie Kramer: I was glad that I had the opportunity to attend this workshop. I have been having some concerns regarding uploading video clips I use in class, and I received feedback on how to better store and present these video clips on my Moodle page. Thank you to everyone who put this workshop together!

Sign up for upcoming workshops:

Nov 4 – How to easily record course content: Or “Preparing for a snow day”
Dec 6 – How to work collaboratively: Using Google Drive and Docs
Jan 27 – How to engage students in the classroom: Active learning classroom techniques (e.g., Qualtrics, wordcloud, or Moodle online assessment)
Feb 28 – How to use Moodle gradebook: Zero time, zero effort grading!
Apr 11 – Inbox Zero: Seriously, it works!


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