Student Feature: Axele Kihutu

AxeleGet to know our undergraduate students as they are experiencing first-hand the programs at the School of Kinesiology. Each student has different experiences to share, such as internships, studying abroad and transferring in from a different college or field of study.

Axele is an undergraduate junior in the Sport Management program. His hometown is Rochester, Minnesota, but he was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, listening to music and dancing whenever he can. Axele is currently a Peer Mentor for the President’s Emerging Scholars (PES) program and is a part of the Horace Huntley House, the living-learning community for African American males.


What made you choose your field of study?
I went through many talks with friends and family as well as took classes that seemed interesting. I knew my passion was in basketball and I decided to focus in on that passion and learn more about the business in the sports realm. I talked to advisers and they definitely pointed me in the right direction. I declared as Sports Management after being undecided for a while.


What is your favorite aspect of the Sport Management program?
I like the energy that most of the people come with. Everyone has had some impact due to sports and everyone’s work ethic is very strong due to their previous or continuing efforts in their sport. I also enjoy that I was able to find an opportunity with the Minnesota Timberwolves right away after taking my intro class with Dr. Tiffany Richardson.


What advice do you have for students that are looking into the School of Kinesiology?
My advice would be to think about what your passions are and work towards them because you’ll be most happy doing the work if it is a passion. I would also say that college is not about trying to find yourself but to develop yourself. Come to college to explore and learn and to become something greater than you came in as. On an academic level, I would say to get to know some of your professors and advisers on a personal level because they can be of great value in the future. They are all rooting for your success in some way once you’ve made that initial connection.


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