Meet Our IT Support: Arash Mahnan

What inspired you to apply for the job in Kinesiology?

I am a PhD student in kinesiology with an emphasis of movement neuroscience. I think working as an Instructional Technology Fellow will help me to get familiar with the faculty and also I can learn new learning technologies, which can be useful for my future work as an instructor.

What is your educational background and how has that prepared you for this job?

My background is engineering. I have a BSc in mechanical engineering and an MSc in biomedical engineering from Iran. Computers and technology are among the most important parts of engineering works. Also, since childhood, I liked to work with different computer software and learn new ways of presenting my ideas, which helps me build good experiences in working with technology.

Where have you worked previously?

I worked as a member of the technology department in Iran’s sports and science institute and I worked as a TA in my MSc university. I was also project manager for two companies which produced sports equipment.

What are your responsibilities in this position?

In my position as IT Fellow, I support instructors in their School works as they integrate learning technologies into their courses. I help instructors by providing guidance on the selection, implementation, and management of the suite of learning technologies supported by the University (e.g., Moodle). I also provide technical support, research and evaluate new technologies.

My office hours are:

  • Monday 10-13
  • Tuesday 10-14
  • Wednesday 10-14
  • Thursday 10-14

Everybody is welcome to stop by in my office (Cook 204) or contact me via email:

Could you tell us a little about your personal life?

I am from Iran and I have two brothers. My family lives in a small town, Bojnurd, in northeast Iran. It’s been 4 months since I’ve been in the US.

What do you like do in your spare time?

I watch movies and European soccer games. I am a fan of “Game of Thrones” and “The Big Bang Theory.” I also play soccer and go to events in my free time and I read novels whenever I have time.

Please share a parting thought.

I like struggling with new challenges. Every time an instructor asks me a question, I search and work to solve the challenges in the easiest and fastest way. Sometimes I need to build a new way, or combine different technologies. I like my life to have challenges, this helps me to learn more and more. 


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