Did you know? You can support your favorite charities while you run, walk, or bike.

With springIMG_5330 in full bloom, the warmer weather prompts a great time to get out of the winter rut, get outside, and get active. For many people, running, walking and biking is a routine of daily life spent appreciating nature, relieving stress, pushing oneself, or training for an upcoming competitive event. However, now those many miles can be spent accomplishing another task: raising funds for your favorite charity.

Charity Miles, an app available both in the app store and play store, is dedicated to making every mile matter. The idea is simple; as the miles the user runs, walks, or bikes adds up, so does the money donated to the specific charity.

For students running in the marathon class (PE 1262), or for faculty and staff participating in the wellness challenge, this app is a great way to track your miles and progress, as well as give back to charities that you feel passionate about.

Users simply sign into the app and choose one of over 37 worldwide charities that they would like to support for the duration of their workout. They then select what type of activity they will be participating in (outdoor walk/run, indoor walk/run, or outdoor bike). From there, the app uses the phone’s motion tracking chip to calculate the steps and miles that the user has taken. For every mile ran or walked, $0.25 will be donated,


Just 6 of the 37 charities that are available to support on Charity Miles.

and for every mile biked, $0.10 will be donated. During the workout, users are encouraged to snap a photo to keep in their history, recording both their progress and showing support for their cause.

The app is funded by brands such as Humana, Johnson & Johnson, and Chobani, and is in the Challenge Term, which will be ending on May 31, 2016. After the end date, Charity Miles will pay out their sponsorship pool, which is currently at $530,000.

Created by New York lawyer, Gene Gurkoff, Charity Miles is unique in the sense of its platform.

Gurkoff explains that in many cause marketing arrangements, only a small portion goes to charity compared to cost spent on promoting it. His goal is to flip this ratio, allowing companies to repurpose their budgets for social good.

With over 1 million downloads, this app has become widespread, getting everyone involved and moving. Companies are finding new ways to market to people. Users are finding new technology to get them motivated and fit, and charities are benefiting from the support.



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