Did You Know? We tweaked the school’s homepage.

It’s been one year since we launched the School of Kinesiology’s responsive website. We remain so proud of our site and how it aligns with industry standards, and even pushes the boundaries of higher ed web design. However, our team is not satisfied with a one-and-done approach to web development and design. Instead, we believe that the process evolves as a cycle, based on informal and formal feedback.

Over the summer, we wrote about our site’s Google Analytics and how users were accessing the site.  We found that “the main user flow proceeds from the main page to the program overview page to the Kinesiology program page and continues to the Kinesiology undergraduate information page.” We also found that our most visited pages, besides the homepage, was the program overview page, the people landing page, followed by several specific degree program pages (e.g., the Kinesiology program page or the M.S. landing page).

What we didn’t find was user engagement with our feature slider, a design element that took up ~30% of the space above the scroll. After reading a few articles on feature sliders and their purpose (or lack there of!), we realized we weren’t serving the users of our site. Our users want immediate access to our programs, our people, and our research—so we removed the slider and added audience specific links and an overview of our programs while still reserving space to feature the outstanding work of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

As noted, this process—is a process! We invite your feedback how we continue to make our site user-friendly, accessible, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

Our New Homepage

Our New Homepage


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