Need some motivation? This video has got you covered.

If you need motivation to go for a quick jog, I recommend watching the video for the PE 1262 class. This video showcases the determination, smiles, camaraderie, and the satisfaction that comes along with taking the marathon training class (PE 1262)

The beginning of the video shows the hard work and training that went into preparing for the marathon. Even though temperatures hit below freezing during a multitude of days in the first months of training, the students did not give up. Co-instructors of the class, Dr. Christopher Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 9.41.17 AMLundstrom and Dr. Stacy Ingraham, were right there with students, cheering them on and helping them prepare for the race.

UMN marathoners 2015The final 12 minutes of the video show the race day. The excitement can be seen on the faces of the runners as they begin their “final exam,” a 26.2 mile final!. The professors, family and friends are there to motivate the runners as they work toward the end of the class.

The back of the PE 1262 shirts sums up the video best, “No one can run the race for me. My effort is what I can control. I don’t expect a perfect race, but I do expect a perfect effort. It is that perfect effort that personifies my outcome.”


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