Xiong participates in Tsukuba Summer Institute

Undergraduate student Huawa Xiong participated in the 2015 Tsukuba Summer Institute (TSI) this past summer. TSI took place from July 14th to July 21st at the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, Japan. TSI is divided into three programs and Xiong participated in The Sports, Physical Activity, & Culture in Japan (SPAC), which consisted of various sports classes and physical activities. Huawa TSI photo 3

The SPAC program allowed Xiong to hear professors from around the world talk about their field of study, demonstrating their passion for the subject. Not only that, experiences extended beyond the classroom. TSI organized a barbecue that provided the chance to befriend and network with students and professors from many different countries. This barbecue was Xiong’s favorite night not only because of the connections made, but also because of the hospitality of the TSI staff.

Xiong said, “Whether it was learning to land properly in judo, striking in kendo, or moving one’s body freely in dance class, I am grateful I had this opportunity to experience sport, physical activity and culture in Japan.”

Judo, kendo and flag football were some of Xiong’s favorite events. He was able to see the range of sports and activities at Namiki Junior High. The students at Namiki are coached by volunteers that do not know much about the sport or maybe never played it before. TSI presented opportunities to not only learn about sports and activities but to see them in action.

“Through TSI, I created memories that I will cherish and learned about other cultures from the around the world,” said Xiong

Assistant professor Yuhei Inoue, Ph.D. is the TSI representative for our University. You may contact him with questions regarding the TSI program.


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