eLearning Summit “Thrillist”

MNeLearningSummitLast week, Austin Calhoun and Silke Moeller attended the MN eLearning Summit, the premiere event of the Minnesota Learning Commons and a gathering place for K-12, college, and university educators and innovators in the Midwest who are committed to effective online and blended learning. Through the keynote addresses and a variety of panels, two major trends in eLearning emerged: 1) TEACHING PRESENCE, and 2) OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES.

Teaching presence in online and hybrid environments were discussed in detail. In synthesis, three types of presence in the Online Classroom contribute to learners and instructors being “real” people:
• Social – introductions, icebreakers, chats
• Cognitive – collaboration and problem solving tasks in synchronous or asynchronous academic discussions
• Teaching – announcements, feedback, support

Open Educational Resources are free and easily accessible resources that can range from open and/or free textbooks, to digital course content, to online tools. David Wiley, from Lumen Learning, gave a keynote about how “open” can make teaching and learning awesome and provides a good overview of this topic.


  1. eLearning Summit publications archive
  2. Thinglink: 30+ ways to use iPad for professional development
  3. 5 Ways You Can Use YouTube for Teaching and Learning
  4. Padlet, a free tool for in-class commenting, sharing ideas, collaborating
  5. Using VoiceThread to make learners “real” people in online classroom
  6. Webinar for synchronous meetings in online learning (and for your archive)
  7. Tips for creating tutorials and announcements:
     Video postcards YouTube channel
  8. Gamification and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Try it yourself by taking the presentations quiz and poll
  9. Explore Affordable Course Content through a UMN Libraries’ Grant
    Two of our faculty, Chelsey Thul and Yuhei Inoue, are currently collaborating with UMN librarians on this project.
  10. OER Commons library

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