Scholly: A search app for scholarships

By Academic Advisor Sue Stirling

phonesWith the cost of tuition rising across the country, how much would you pay for a tool that could help you find free money to help pay for college?

Drexel University Entrepreneur program alum, Christopher Gray, developed a search tool that helped him find more than 1.3 million dollars in free scholarship and grant money. The app Scholly has scholarships for both high school students and current college students. It helps you find scholarships that you qualify for in seconds without signing up for anything or filling out time consuming forms that ask for personal information.

For students in the School of Kinesiology, this could mean the difference between taking out a costly private loan, the ability to pay for summer classes in order to graduate on time, a study abroad opportunity, or the ability to finish the pre-requirements for your graduate or professional program. As an advisor, I have heard first-hand accounts from students who are taking out thousands of dollars in student loans in order to pay for their education at the U of M. For just $0.99, you could identify scholarships or grants that make paying for your quality education here in the School of Kinesiology much more cost effective.


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