Did You Know? Chrome Plugins

arrow showing Chrome settings locationE+DS is a proud supporter of Google Chrome. And sure, you can get by with the out-of-box version, but you can make it so, so much better by using Chrome Extensions.**

To add Extensions, click on the three horizontal bars at the upper right corner of your Chrome screen, select Settings, then click Extensions.

You’ll see all the Extensions listed you didn’t know you already had. Can you think of some capability you’d like right in your browser window? Scroll down to the bottom and click “Get more extensions”. Find one, add it, and play around…and if you don’t like it, come back to the Extensions screen and disable or delete it. Then find another that does what you want. (**Tip: Many of these are also available for Firefox, too.)

Here is also a little video tutorial.

Here are some Extensions I (Jonathan) use. If you already use Extensions and have a fave or two, share with others using the form below. Or head on over to Lifehacker to see their fave extensions for Chrome or Firefox.

  • MightyText: Send and receive text messages and images from your web browser or any device
  • Xen.do: Search across multiple services at once: Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Dropbox and more …
  • TweetDeck by Twitter: Old school social media publishing manager
  • Yoono: Social media feed manager
  • Todoist: Simple to-do list (ask Silke)
  • … and Todoist for Gmail: Attach to-do items to individual email messages
  • Taco: View and manage tasks for other task managers all in one place
  • Pocket (Save to Pocket): Click to grab something interesting and come back to it later
  • Google Translate: Amarga kadang sampeyan mung ora bisa ngerti…

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