What the numbers say: After the KIN website launch

Analytics-KIN-Audience-OverviewThe new responsive KIN website was launched in October 2014. The purpose of the new design is to guide visitors intuitively through our programs, research, and outreach — and to connect visitors with advisors, faculty, and staff. This site is also designed to attract and retain mobile visitors.

From October 2014 to late spring 2015, there were a total of 54.554 visits with 48.8% new and 51.2% returning visitors. 85.9% of traffic is coming from the US, with the majority from Minnesota (29,824 total or 64.24% of US). Visits from other US states are wide spread. Most foreign traffic is coming from other English speaking countries (Canada 1.73%, United Kingdom 1.31%) and Asian countries (China 1.35%, Japan 1.26%, South Korea 1,21%)

The average duration per session is 2.5 minutes with visits of 3.3 different pages. The bounce rate, which indicates the percentage of single-page visits, is 52.4%. As maybe expected but definitely positive, the main user flow proceeds from the main page (with 23.8% drop-offs) to the program page (4.6% drop-offs) to the Kinesiology program page (13.2% drop-offs) and continues to the Kinesiology undergraduate information page (53.4%  drop-offs).

Analytics-KIN-Devices-OverviewComparing to the same period a year early, the access to the KIN website by mobile devices has definitely increased.

Interestingly, Chrome is the fastest browser for our web pages, see table below. This might be your biggest personal “take-away!”Analytics-KIN-BrowserLoadTime-Overview

All these numbers provided by Google Analytics are fascinating (and digging deeper is quite interesting). While caution is required, we continue to use these analytics and additional tools to fuel our design and maintenance of our current and future digital presences.


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