Remember everyone? Cloze says yes, you can

Presenting a more efficient way to manage relationships, Cloze offers the ability to see everything about your contacts in one central location. This application lets you keep track of everything regarding your clients and customers: what was last discussed, when it was discussed, the details of their business, and where you are in the project. When you are able to remember everyone, more specifically, the little details of everyone, clients will feel increasingly appreciated and place greater confidence in you as well as your business. Cloze pulls information from Evernote (introduced to All Things Kinsidered in 2013), email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, and documents exchanged.

Sign up for Cloze (free) and receive the following benefits:cloze-relationship-management-ac9d94-h900

  • Social Media Manager
  • Email Inbox
  • Unified Contacts
  • Simple Search

Cloze Pro is available for $13.33/month and includes additional helpful tools such as proactive reminders to conduct a follow-up, company files, and filtering options to show specific lists of contacts so you can focus on the people that matter most.

Ultimately, Cloze enables your desire to continuously learn by how you ask clients relevant questions, recognize what they care about, and then maintain access to that knowledge in notes readily available with a few taps on your screen. Check it out and let us know if you feel better equipped in the task of remembering everyone!


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