WebEx: Your virtual office

Available free through the University of Minnesota for students and staff, WebEx is an online video conferencing tool – a virtual office of sorts. With options to name your virtual office and set your scheduling and meeting preferences, WebEx allows for online meetings with anyone who has an Internet connection – including mobile users.

With this tool, participants are able to be connected via audio and video in addition to having the opportunity to share files, applications, and desktop including content such as PowerPoint files, Word documents, or even browse the web together. The sharing option allows for attendees to view the same document while providing annotations or suggestions directly to the document in real time. An additional component of WebEx is the option to “pass the ball” so any attendee may take control of the meeting and share files housed in their computer or Google Drive.

Features of WebEx include video, recording, and mobile accessibility:


As the name implies, a “video conference” allows meeting participants to have the option to share their image via webcam. Essentially, WebEx is an online meeting where you can have a conversation with other people attending with the main image changing based upon who is speaking.


A way to make sure your meeting minutes are up to par is through WebEx’s recording feature. Once all participants are connected, simply press record and capture the entirety of the meeting (video, audio, and whatever may be shared on the screen). Share the recording with anyone who may have missed to catch them up!


WebEx is also available for use for those persons who may be traversing the world or quickly checking in from a coffee shop with their mobile device. A mobile application for most SmartPhones and the iPad can be downloaded so you can join meeting when you’re not at your desk. Not limited to simply attending a meeting, mobile users maintain the ability to host a meeting.

Follow this quick start guide to create your virtual office and host a meeting!

What web conferencing tools have you used in the past? What was successful for you?


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