Did You Know? Cooke Hall, Facilities Phenomena…

Little-known (and sometimes frightening!) facts about the venerable Cooke Hall …

Cooke Hall

THE Cooke Hall, built in 1934 and still going strong …

  1. The scoreboard for the old stadium was on the roof of Cooke Hall facing the stadium where the Rec Center is now, and was controlled from inside from what is now the Human Sensorimotor Control Lab.
  2. Most of the Cooke basement was locker rooms for football with a tunnel (now blocked off) that ran underground to the stadium.
  3. The conference room was named after Richard Donnelly, a former School of Physical Education chair, who was killed in an unfortunate plane crash.
  4. Nina Wang’s office was once the equipment sign-out.
  5. What is now Art Leon’s office and Mary Jo Kane’s office was once a graduate student seminar classroom.
  6. At one time in the not-too-distant past a non-matriculated and unemployed gentleman lived in the walls between the 2nd floor hallway and the pool!
  7. There is a defunct dumb waiter that runs between the inside of the conference room on the first floor and the hallway above on the second floor. Refreshment deliveries for late-night work on a grant deadline, anyone?
  8. After much work over recent years, there is now only ONE room in “Cook” Hall without air conditioning. Can you name that room?

And that’s just what **I** know. Are there other interesting facilities-related factoids you know about Cooke? Comment here…


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