Beth Bayley stars on several stages

BethBayleyEach of us in the School of Kinesiology has worked with Beth Bayley, Office Assistant for the Administrative Office. Always professional, she answers questions and supports us on almost every level.

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015 some of us took the opportunity to experience Beth in a very different role. For her final doctoral recital (of five) to earn a DMA in Voice Performance, she performed an ambitious Giuseppe Verdi aria and duet from “La Traviata”, as well as “Vier letzte Lieder” by Richard Strauss, the four last songs he ever composed, and never having heard performed himself. During the recital, audience members were completely enraptured by Beth’s warm, full volume voice, stunning appearance, and confident stage presence.

Asking Beth how she manages to balance her studies, performances and her work at the School of Kinesiology, she says that she “feels lucky to have such flexible, supportive colleagues accommodating her rigorous rehearsing schedule”.

Since January, Beth prepared every day for at least an hour toward this challenging and important performance. The video clip “Beth recital intro” gives an insight into the various levels of Beth’s preparation.

Growing up, Beth was obsessed with Madonna and determined to become a rock star. She started college to study classical music because she was convinced it would make her a better pop singer. “I also thought that all opera singers were freaks and cool and I would enter the world of Cirque du Soleil”, Beth states. She soon realized that opera was made for her and considers it her calling.

In August, Beth is planning to study in Urbino, Italy with a number of famous opera performers, conductors and singers. Tuesday’s paramount doctoral recital brought her one step closer to accomplishing her adult dream of becoming an opera star and performing in lead roles in different opera houses around the world.

Beth can be seen in the role of the Countess in Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” from April 16 until 19, 2015 at the Ted Mann Concert Hall (detailed information).



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