Two web applications you must try this fall

With a new school year comes new ideas. This fall try two excellent web applications that are sure to take your work/experience leaps and bounds further than you could go alone!

icon_256Scavify is a scavenger hunt web application that allows teams to submit tasks in real time. Many companies have utilized this app to promote site exploration, employee team building, and training.  As upwards 50% of college students have a smartphone or tablet, it is not hard to find one person in each group to download the app. Scavify allows students to build leadership skills while also obtaining a deeper understanding of class materials on their own terms via photo challenges, GPS check-ins, question and answers, and quick response (RQ) codes which are two demential barcode that can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet and gives information about the thing it is attached to. 

The way it works:

1. Build your hunt. You are able to build a custom hunt right from the website after selecting either the personal, professional, or team package or contact the company for professional hunt building.
2. Inform players. Tell players to download the free Scavify app. Then they are able to search for the hunt by name, and join in on the fun.
3. Hunt. Players use the app to view your list of hunt tasks, post updates on their progress, and complete the tasks to accumulate points within the app. The app keeps a list of who is in the lead and shows a live stream of the pictures posted by each team as they complete the challenges.
4. Track and wrap up. Each hunt includes a unique admin page that can be logged into via the website to view the progress of the hunt, download photos and much more.


OBt_7YkZ_400x400Canva is a free web-based graphic design tool. Through Canva you are able to custom create cards, social media cover photos, invitations, flyers, and so much more. This app provides you with everything you need (fonts, templates, images, and photo editing tools) to easily turn ideas into graphic designs. Canva even allows you to upload your own photos to put into your creates and stores those photos so they are there the next time you need them. When you are finished with your design you can download it from Canva and save it to your computer to be printed and handed out or posted online.

Here are some designs the E+DS team has made with Canva. 




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