Maximizing your smart phone video feature

Utilizing visuals such as compelling photos and videos is one way to capture the attention of an audience. In a recent post we touched on the pros and cons of using stock photography. Just as some stock photos can be disconnected from your content, others can amplify and accent your subject matter.

iphone-4sThe rule of thumb that can be used in almost any situation is that visual mediums help build upon your post. Businesses use technology to display visuals that drive traffic to their website and increase business. However, visuals are not limited to professional use. Technology can open up a world of opportunities within the classroom. Integrating visual mediums into curriculum allows students to engage with the material, learn how to use new visuals tools and explore new ways of conveying information.

Learning how to use technology to make more compelling arguments is a useful skill in both the classroom and the professional world. Video is a great way to convey information and doesn’t necessarily require the most expensive equipment. Chances are that, at this very second, you have a more than worthy device capable of creating professional and high-quality video in your pocket!

Smart phones, and an array of other devices such as tablets, allow users to create their own movies and capture unforgettable moments on film. Creating videos with portable device such as one’s iPhone or Android phone is not only extremely convenient, but are inexpensive (assuming you already own the device) and easy to create. One has the ability to shoot high-quality HD videos footage with the touch of a button. As with all digital recording devices, there are tips and tricks to ensure that you are tapping into it’s full potential.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 12.35.51 PMAppSumo created an awesome tutorial video (all shot with their very own iPhone) to walk users through creating the best video for your business and products.

Here a couple steps you can take to get the most out of your iPhone video camera:

  • Avoid shooting vertical videos and go the horizontal route. Personal devices such your laptop and television and online formats such as blogs, websites and Twitter feeds all present horizontal videos better than their vertical counterpart.
  • When shooting someone who is talking directly to the camera, it’s best to use a tripod stand. Using a tripod will eliminate movements and will make the editing process look more consistent. AppSumo recommends the Joby Grip Tight, which can screw onto standard camera tripod stands.
  • When framing your shot, avoid your devices’ zoom feature. Though zoom may look standard on your lens while filming, the lens won’t translate optically when transferred to one’s computer and will pixelate your picture.
  • If possible, use high quality lighting vs. the built in flash/light feature. If you don’t have the budget to splurge on higher quality lighting, utilize natural lighting environments.
  • Use multiples facets for voice recordings. Utilize another device with video function and position it above your subject. Use a voice memo app to get just the sound bite file.
  • Clap at the beginning of each take so you can sync your audio to the recordings. This will also help with the editing process; simply edit out the clip and you’re ready to go!

With the right knowledge of how to best implement your devices’ capability, you too can create high-quality videos for personal or professional use without investing in expensive equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Get out recording and enrich the lives of your students, coworkers and possibly create the next viral sensation!


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