Not your average stock photo

“Don’t use stock photos,” photographers shout. But why not?

Stock photos often portray cliche and unrealistic situations. These improbable scenes leave the viewer feeling disconnected and uninterested in the subject matter. But remember, not all stock photos are the same. There are sites filled with outstanding, high-resolution photography that are free and can bring new life to posters, presentations, flyers, etc.

To help you avoid cheesy stock photos, we compiled a list of websites filled with beautiful stock photos that are intended for both personal and commercial use.

HubSpot created this SlideShare about the do’s and don’ts in using stock photos


  • Not all stock photos are free. Check each website for an “About” section to see its terms of use.
  • Always check to see if stock photos are intended for personal or commercial use.
  • Confused by the terms of use? Contact the photographer. Most photographers are happy to explain how their photos can be used.
  • Need more information? Click here for more information on using stock photos.

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