Top 3 sites for your best #UMNsummer

I have long-awaited summer’s endless days and beautiful weather so I could adventure around the city I love, Minneapolis. Technology and apps have simplified how we plan our free time and we want to share our top 3 sites that will catapult your #UMNsummer into greatness.

1. Explore Minnesota

EMT_4c_14Explore Minnesota provides you with everything that is going on in Minnesota – places to stay, things to do, food options, and popular festival venues. One great feature of the website is that it searches for deals on hotels and activities so you can make the most out of summer, without spending the most.

2. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR)

We hamndnrd a brutal winter, and it is time to go outside. MNDNR breaks down all the outdoor adventures around Minnesota.
From places that provide an adrenaline rush to quiet getaways, MNDNR gives you a variety of ways to stay active and outdoors this summer.

3. Gogobot

logoPlanning in advance is ideal, but if you are on the run Gogobot is the perfect app to stay busy. Gogobot’s unique feature is called “Tribes”, which is a group of travelers that share common interests. A few examples of Tribes include: Backpackers, Family Travelers, Foodies, and Trendsters. Tribes can be used to find new destinations or activities in your current location. Minneapolis Tribes include: 98% Foodies, 88% Trendsters, 76% Budget Travelers, and 73% Local Culture. Which Tribe will you join?

Use these sites to get the most out of your summer. After all, there is something special about a Minnesota summer.




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