A degree in helping others

Looking for a way to improve lives? The Master of Education in Applied Kinesiology may be your solution.

What is the M.Ed in Applied Kinesiology program?

The Master of Education in Applied Kinesiology is a unique professional development opportunity where students learn from faculty that execute cutting edge research in classes that are practical and career-based. Students develop important skills and competencies needed to improve their professional lives and the lives of the people they serve in the profession.

The four main tracks of the program are sport and exercise science (SES), sport management (SMGT), developmental adapted physical education (DAPE) and physical education licensure. Students choose one of these tracks or work with their adviser to customize a degree program to focus on one or more of these elements.

Why choose the University of Minnesota?

The University of Minnesota’s location in the Twin Cities provides students access to a vibrant and active city, opportunities to be involved in the community, and the ability to connect with professionals in their fields.

At the University of Minnesota, classes provide opportunities for networking with professionals in similar and complementary fields, facilitate important and applicable discussions, and are taught by content experts. Students also learn how research and theory inform best practices as they understand how to make evidence-based decisions from the latest research in the industry.

What makes a student successful?

Students are encouraged to complete at least two years of professional experience in their area of study before beginning the programs. M.Ed. program directors have found that students with previous professional experience bring more depth to class discussions and are better prepared to engage with their peers and classroom material.

There are three other factors that make a successful student. First, students must be willing to work hard to thrive in the program. Second, students should be respectful in and out of the classroom. Third, students must learn how to apply classroom concepts to becoming better professionals and leaders. Meeting these three qualifications will help students flourish in the classroom and the workforce.

What’s next?

Looking for more information about the program? Click here or send email to kin@umn.edu.


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