Greg Rhodes: student, Ironman, professor-in-training

Greg RhodesMeet: Greg Rhodes, Ph.D. Candidate
Hometown: Bloomington, MN
Studies: Exercise Physiology & Sports Performance

I came to the University of Minnesota because it was close to home and I had the ability to do research on sport performance. I have always been a competitor, I swam in high school, I doubled as an All-American Nordic skier at Carleton College, and now I am working towards competing in triathlons. I love sports and have always been curious about what was happening to my body and the science behind training. The School of Kinesiology is one of the only places I could come to conduct research on sport performance and athletes at every level. I feel lucky because it has given me a lot of opportunities to accomplish interdisciplinary work with faculty and students from all over.

Greg RhodesI am working towards becoming a professor at a university. I want to motivate and teach students the science behind sport performance. I also hope to continue coaching sports like running and skiing because I truly enjoy watching people become better and feel more confident. I know that the School of Kinesiology challenged and helped me to become a better learner and teacher, and I feel fortunate I was able to pursue my doctorate here.


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