Google “Hangouts”: Video chat with one colleague or many

HangoutLinkDiscussion with several colleagues, showing a problem you’re working on or a video of a solution, listening to ideas and responding in real-time … If this sounds like something you do or might want to do—even in part—Google Hangouts may be the tool for you. To get started, use the University’s Google Hangouts Self-Help Guide. Once you have your Google+ account going and the Hangouts plugin installed, you’re ready to invite people to your video hangout.**

To help you try out Hangouts, members of the E+DS Team will be “hanging out” online 8:00am-4:30pm all next week, so Join our Hangout! If no one’s in the video chat when you arrive, no problem: Send us email and we’ll join right in too.

If you have problems installing Google Hangouts or getting started, check the self-help guide or submit a Coconut task and someone will get to you soon. **Note: Maybe obviously, you must have a webcam and mic on your computer to use Hangouts.


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