UThink Blog retires

uthink5The UThink System that the university used to create news blogs and sites will be officially retired and no longer available after December 31, 2014. As the College of Education and Human Development is an innovative and technology driven community, it only makes sense that we follow suit and move to new and more secure technology.

The decision to move away from UThink

  • Reduced usage – The UThink System has been decreasing since 2008 and sites have dramatically dropped
  • Security Issues – There have been various spam attacks which slows the system down and takes away valuable time from users
  • Better alternative technology – There are numerous alternatives that better fit the needs of our blogging and site communities such as:

Important dates 

  • June 30, 2014 – the ability to create new blogs or sites will be removed
  • December 31, 2014 – the full site will be inactive and unavailable
  • Existing blogs will be accessible throughout the 2014 spring and fall semesters

If you want to use an alternative to UThink you can move content from UThink to a new blog by using the data export tool. The UThink data export tool will create a text-based file of your blog’s entries and comments which you can import to an alternative system.

If you need help exporting your content or are looking for recommendations on different blogs or sites to use feel free to contact the E+DS team at kintribute@umn.edu. We are happy to give recommendations and personal insight into different technologies we use and how they may be useful in class or personally!

Feel free to also contact University Libraries support or Collaboration and Web Content Services listed below:

Shane Nackerud, UThink Project Lead University Libraries eLearning Support

Steve Nguyen, Service Director Collaboration and Web Content Services


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