Virtual Presentations (Part 1)

PowerPoint presentations are a great way to share information to a large group, but what if you can’t be in the room for a presentation? There are several online tools that allow you to upload a presentation, add audio and visuals, and share with your audience.

When could I use a Power Point with audio and visuals?

  • For an online class
  • To substitute as a lecture for a missed class due to weather or sickness
  • To provide supplementary material
  • To explain a complicated subject
  • For a student project in lieu of an in-person presentation

What program should I use? There are many options for recording audio and video for a presentation. Here are two of our suggestions.

Present.me_logo is a tool to quickly add video or audio to presentations or documents.’s phrase is: “Show your slides, Tell your story, Share your passion.” The process of creating a is to create a presentation, upload it to the website, record the video and/or audio, review, and publish.


  • Publishing video/recording in social media
  • Easy to use


  • interface in final video (maybe not in about premier version)
  • Cannot edit audio
  • Cannot add additional audio
  • No screencast
  • Video download only with Premier version ($159/year)

Knovio logo

Knovio is a tool to transform static slides into rich video or audio presentations. Knovio functions similarly to With Knovio, you upload a presentation, narrate the presentation with audio or visual, and share privately or with social networks. One feature Knovio offers that does not is the post-editing option. On Knovio, individual slides can be re-recorded. This tool is helpful when working with larger projects with many slides. Knovio is currently in a beta stage is currently testing and improving its site. I like all of the site’s features, but I had trouble uploading my presentation to the site. Since Knovio is still in beta mode, it is currently free. In the future, the company intends on having both a free and a paid version. The limitation of Knovio right now is that it is still being tested and is a beta version. This means that the site is still being perfected and is only granted access by the creator of the website. The service is currently free to use. In the future, there will likely be a premium package as well as a free package.


  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Can upload different file formats (jpg, pptx, etc…)


  • No screencast
  • Cannot add or import animation from powerpoint
  • Audio or music cannot be added
  • Slides cannot be moved or deleted after upload
  • No download, just link/embed with Knovio interface

Recommendation Try both. The tools vary slightly and will work better for different types of projects. Experimenting with both will allow you to see which platform works best for your purposes. I suggest doing a small test project on each platform to become familiar with it. Figuring out the tricks of each tool on a small project may save a lot of time and frustration when working on a larger project.

I tested both platforms and came to this conclusion: 1) is straightforward, easy to use, but has limited capabilities, 2) Knovio has a lot of potential with its editing options, but it is still being perfected and needs some site improvements before it will reach its full potential. Do you have another program you like to use to create audio and visual presentations? We would love to hear your experiences.


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