What is Creative Commons?

Would you like to share your work and to protect it at the same time?

Do you like to use online media in your courses?

CC-licenseDo you see more of these license symbols? These are Creative Commons licenses and they are free!

Creative Commons offer an easy and save way to use and provide media online.

For example: You have a video clip of from a conference talk you gave, assign a Creative Commons license so others can use your talk but have to reference you. Or, you would like to enhance your PowerPoint presentation with some music, it is safe to use music with Creative Commons licenses. You are looking for an image for your presentation, google (advance search)  for images with a Creative Commons license only.

Intro video

How to license my work? (Several web tools, like YouTube, allow you to apply your CC license when uploading your work.)

How to find open material?


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