The Key to Curiosity

With a new semester here, it is time to make new resolutions. Usually students make goals to study more, go to class and work out consistently. These are honorable objectives, but have you ever considered trying to be more curious?
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Curiosity is more important than you may think. It is associated with higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with life. It requires embracing uncertainty and the unknown. Investigating something new, whether racquetball or causes of heart damage, means accepting initial inadequacies, possible failure and uncertainty. This unknown means that fear often accompanies new endeavors. Yet, overcoming fears instead of shying away from obstacles produces longer and deeper satisfaction compared to instant-gratification behavior.
Since curiosity is so important to life, including education and research, we are dedicating spring semester to finding out what makes people curious. We hope that you will feel refreshed, refueled, and challenged by the unknown of a new semester and, as always, stay curious.
Tips to Stay Curious

  1. Try to notice little details of your daily routine that you never noticed before.
  2. When talking to people, try to remain open to whatever transpires without judging or reacting.
  3. Let novelty unfold and resist the temptation to control the flow.
  4. Gently allow your attention to be guided by little sights, sounds or smells that come your way.

So ask yourself, “What keeps me curious?”, share what you keeps you curious with #kincurious, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we share what keeps our researchers curious.


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