A new year means new updates: Improve your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn.jpg LinkedIn reigns number one for professional networking sites and it is likely that you have created a profile or at least thought about it. LinkedIn is a great tool to use when connecting with other professionals, co-workers, or students. It makes looking and applying for jobs easy and staying up to date with professional groups effortless. Whether you are just creating your profile or polishing a current one, these tips will help you master LinkedIn.
Optimizing your profile:

  • Have an updated professional picture.
  • Create a concise statement in your summary which describes personal and professional interests. You can also provide overall career goals so people have an idea of who you are and what you strive for.
  • This is not a one-page resume so add details in your experience section; you deserve to brag a little!
  • Use strong keywords that are commonly related to your position so that your profile is easy to find and so your connections get a feel for the kind of work you are capable of.

Tips on connecting with others

  • Personalize your message when you request to connect with someone, make your invitation to connect unique so your connections become meaningful.
  • Connect with people you know and that you have already established a relationship with.
  • It is also okay to make a connection with someone you don’t know, just be sure to explain why you are looking to connect and how that connection could help you.

Other important features on LinkedIn are recommendations and skill endorsements. Both of these are great ways to support your connections but make sure when you recommend or endorse someone you can truly stand behind that claim.
Be sure to keep your profile up to date so when the time comes to connect or apply for a position it is organized and makes it easy to update your resume!
Need examples? Check out the E+DS team’s LinkedIn profiles and connect with us:
Austin Stair Calhoun
Brenda Senger
Laura Siirila

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