Three Cheers for Marta: More than a Graduate Studies Coordinator

Marta Fahrenz is the one of the driving forces behind the doctoral program in the School of Kinesiology and will be greatly missed as her last term as the graduate studies coordinator approaches. Marta is retiring this February after a decade of incredible work.

As the graduate studies coordinator for the Masters of Science, Arts, and Ph.D. programs, Marta works with students and their advisers from the beginning of the application and acceptance process through graduation. She also works closely with graduate student support staff from all around the college in order to provide important information on fellowships, academic support, and changes in administrative policies. Marta’s job spans into working with faculty on recruitment efforts and assisting in creating fellowships, scholarships, and awards that can be critical for both students and faculty. With so many facets to this position Marta explains what accomplishing such a diverse set of projects means to her, “The number of different projects I work on and the interactions I have every day with people here, in the college and throughout the university, makes this job endlessly interesting and hugely satisfying.” She manages multiple tasks on a day-to-day basis and executes them in a way that makes everyone’s lives a little easier.

Dr. Mary Jo Kane former director of the School of Kinesiology describes what kind of person and professional Marta has been.

“She approaches every aspect of her job with dedication and a passion and a commitment to excellence,” Kane said. “Though we are thrilled for her as she moves to her next journey, we can never replace what she has done for all of us. Best of luck to you, Marta, dear friend and colleague.”

Her diligence, professionalism, and wonderful presence will be greatly missed by the professors, staff, and students in the school.

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