Student Snapshot w/ Hayley Russell

Meet: Hayley Russell, Ph.D. Candidate

Hometown: Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada

Studies: Sport and Exercise Psychology

I came to the University of Minnesota because I knew the University of Minnesota had a great Kinesiology program where I would gain knowledge and experience in teaching and research from some of the leading experts in Sport and Exercise Psychology. I specifically wanted to work with Dr. Wiese-Bjornstal due to her wealth of knowledge in the field of the psychology of sport injury. Deciding to come to the University of Minnesota to complete a Ph.D. is certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I was inspired to study the psychological responses to sport injury after my own experience with injury and working in a physical therapy clinic. I knew that experiencing a sport injury was more than just a physical problem. I wanted to be able to conduct research addressing how to help athletes return to sport and physical activity more successfully after injury. I also wanted to teach future health care professions in order to improve rehabilitation outcomes and promote lifelong health and physical activity.

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