Living with your head in the cloud

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I remember when a cloud was described as “that white fluffy stuff up in the sky.” Now everyone seems to be talking about a cloud as a place for storing all of their important information.
What is the cloud?
The cloud, also referred to as cloud computing, is a way to store or access information like documents, videos, or images through the internet instead of the hard drive of your computer.
How to use it?
The first step in using the cloud is identifying which system you want to use. Most forms of cloud computing works the same way: download/sign up for the system, place the information you want into your cloud, and then synchronize with the devices you would access them on.
You’ve likely used some sort of cloud—maybe without you even knowing it. A prime example of cloud computing that you have probably used is through CEHD’s Active Directory. When you place documents, images, or videos in to your personal inbox or outbox in the directory you are able to see it when you log into the CEHD server. You can access these documents from different computers or laptops. Other examples that you may be familiar with is Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, or iCloud.
Why use it?
We can’t always count on our digital devices working and when they crash it can be difficult to retain the data that was lost. When using cloud and regularly synchronizing with all of your devices, assessing data is fast and easy. You will be able to work on class presentations or power points on your laptop at home, sync with your iPad in the office, and not worry about preparing for class the next day.


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